The Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice

About The Commission

The Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice, created in August, 1998, is directed to study and report on the extent to which and the manner in which professional service firms operated by accountants and others who are not lawyers are seeking to provide legal services to the public.

Members of the Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice are available to discuss the issues raised in its report at bar association meetings and programs.

Additionally, the commission will analyze:

  • The experience of clients, foreign and domestic, who have received legal services from professional service firms, and report on international trade developments relevant to the issue;

  • Existing state and federal legislative frameworks within which professional service firms may be providing legal services, and recommend any modifications or additions to that framework that would be in the public interest;

  • The impact of receiving legal services from professional service firms on a client’s ability to protect privileged communications and to have the benefit of advice free from conflicts of interest; and

  • Application of current ethical rules and principles to the provision of legal services by professional service firms, and recommend any modifications or additions that would serve the public interest.

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