October 05, 2011

Letter from Michael H. Horner, President Tom Sawyer Camps Inc. - Center for Professional Responsibility

Tom Sawyer Camps, Inc.

February 19, 1999

Mr. Arthur Garwin
Coalition on Multidisciplinary Practice
American Bar Association, Center for Professional Responsibility
541 North Fairbanks Court, 14th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

Dear Mr. Garwin:

I'm a small business owner who currently uses several separate consulting firms to handle a variety of my business needs. I share the lament of many of my fellow business owners in that as issues come up where I must rely on two or more of these services I'm forced to "ping pong" back and forth among these providers at considerable expense of time and money. The other option is to rely on quasi-legal advice from non-lawyers and simply hope for the best. Neither of these is desirable.

Therefore, when I was introduced to the idea of multidisciplinary practices I immediately saw they could provide me with a very appealing alternative to my current situation. In short, if I have the option to obtain several professional services under one roof, my business could benefit from cost savings, greater ease of access to information and a better overall quality of service.

I'm glad the ABA is considering whether to allow more flexibility for MDP's involving Bar-certified attorneys, as I feel the current rules prohibiting MDP's are out of date with today's business needs and amount to an obstacle to free trade. Business consumers have as much right to freedom of choice as individual consumers.

I thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Michael H. Horner