October 05, 2011

Minneapolis Urban League

January 10, 2000

Hon. Arthur J. Boylan
Rebecca Egge Moos
MDP Task Force
Minnesota State Bar Association
600 Nicollet Mall, #380
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Dear Co-Chairs:

The Minneapolis Urban League supports the grassroots efforts of The Consumers Alliance to ensure accessibility to sound legal and financial guidance to those most in need of advocacy.  After reviewing their proposal, we are convinced of the viability of their effort to promote the acceptance of multi-disciplinary practices (MDP's).

First, the philosophy of the Consumers Alliance is in tune with the Minneapolis Urban League's own philosophy of a one-stop shop approach to providing services.  We understand that making as many services as possible available 'under one roof' is important to the successful resolution of the unique issues faced by those who are poor and disenfranchised.  Second, our mission is to enable African Americans and other people of color to develop and exercise their full human potential on par with all Minnesotans.  The Minneapolis Urban League has long recognized the barriers faced by low-income people and people of color to receiving adequate legal representation.   We currently operate a Civil Legal Clinic that provides free consultation with an attorney on a one-time basis for a variety of legal issues.  It's clear that MDP's would more broadly and more effectively serve the legal needs of our constituency.

Finally, the Minneapolis Urban League is pleased to join other Urban League affiliates across the country in support of the Consumers Alliance.  We offer our assistance to them in their efforts to make MDP's a reality in the city of Minneapolis.


Clarence Hightower