Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups

January 20, 2000

Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice
Center for Professional Responsibility
American Bar Association
541 North Fairbanks Court
Chicago, IL 60611-3314

Dear Commission Members:

The Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups is writing to encourage the American Bar Association to continue to give serious consideration to the issue of multidisciplinary practices.  As the leading consumer advocacy organization for the elderly in Wisconsin, we are well aware of the value of multi-professional services firms for older people, combining, for example, the services of social workers, case managers, financial planners and nurses with those of lawyers.   This type of one-stop shopping can greatly assist both elders and their families, especially when planning for the often-overwhelming long-term care needs of elderly family members.

We are also, of course, well aware of the often competing or at least potentially conflicting ethical considerations of the different professionals.  For these reasons we urge the ABA to continue to study the issue of multi-disciplinary practices with the goal of developing standards that will preserve the ethical integrity of the individual professions and at the same time best serve the multi-faceted needs of a growing elderly population.


Thomas L. Frazier
Executive Director

Betsy J. Abramson, Attorney
Elder Law Center Director