Tacoma Urban League, Inc.


January 18, 2000

Mr. Sherwin P. Simmons, Chairman
Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice and
Center for Professional Responsibility
American Bar Association
541 North Fairbanks Court
Chicago, IL 60611—3314

Dear Mr. Simmons:

The Tacoma Urban League, since its founding in February 1968, has been a strong voice in terms of advocacy for blacks, other ethnic minorities and economically disadvantaged individuals and families.

Through advocacy, service delivery and research, the Tacoma Urban League:

  • Conducts specialized programs and provides services that sustain, improve and facilitate growth, development and education of individuals and families;
  • Intervenes and advocates in social, economic and public policy arenas where the interests of the League’s constituents are at stake;
  • Strengthens race relations and builds bridges of understanding for an integrated, culturally diverse and pluralistic society;
  • Mobilizes, organizes and coordinates professional service providers and community groups to ensure TUL constituents’ full development and self-sufficiency; and
  • Participates in fact-finding and assessment to increase community awareness of the social and economic needs of the League’s constituents.

Four staff and the president joined hands with the local American Association of Retired Persons in 1998, to inform local seniors of additional financial benefits, which resulted in eighty-nine seniors being contacted/informed, and fourteen receiving additional dollars from the Federal Government to meet their needs.

The Tacoma Urban League is in strong support of the Consumer Alliance’s efforts in the State of Washington, as we know about the real need for professional support of low-income individuals/families, especially in the legal area.

The Tacoma Urban League has a community cross-section of 31 Board volunteers; has an active Guild with a president, other officers and 75 paid-up active members; a general membership of 800; and a paid staff and loaned instructors from Tacoma Public Schools and Bates Technical College of 36.

Mr. Simmons, we strongly hope that you support the concept of Multidisciplinary Practices.

Thomas Dixon