October 05, 2011

Metro Columbus Urban League Incorporated - Center for Professional Responsibility

Metro Columbus

Urban League


December 28, 1999

Mr. Sherman P. Simmons, Chairmain
Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice and
Center for Professional Responsibility
American Bar Association
541 North Fairbanks Court
Chicago, IL 60611-3314

Dear Mr. Simmons,

The Consumers Alliance in Georgia is committed to assuring that the public receive the best possible service with respect to legal, financial and guidance needs.  This can best be served through multidisciplinary practices as advocated by the Alliance in Georgia (and in most other states).

As you are no doubt aware, Georgia is one of the states where senior citizens and retiring families are coming in larger and larger numbers.  As this segment of our population matures and dies, the need for them to have access to MDPs where the fewer places they and their families have to go, the better.

A significant number of consumer groups have endorsed the concept offered by MDPs and we at the Metro Columbus Urban League are committed to assisting consumers get the best bang for their buck.  The idea of "one stop shopping" as would be possible with a MDP would facilitate this idea.

We would hope that you would support the concept of multidisciplinary practices.   The more than 500 members of our organization ask that you do so.

Yours very truly,
Kenneth B. Crooks, Jr

Cc: Linda A. Klein