October 05, 2011

Stephen Higginbotham Braunginn President/CEO Urban League Of Greater Madison, Inc. - Center for Professional Responsibility


Of Greater Madison, Inc.

February 2, 2000


Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice
Center for Professional Responsibility
American Bar Association
541 North Fairbanks Court
Chicago, IL 60611-3314

Dear Commission Members:

The Urban League of Greater Madison, Inc.'s mission is "to improve the social and economic conditions of African Americans, other racial minorities, and the disadvantaged in the greater Madison community".   Established in 1968, we are committed to building a stronger community by providing support services in the areas of education, employment and training, health and housing.

We urge the American Bar Association to continue to give serious consideration to the issue of multidisciplinary practices.   Having lawyers on teams that see our clients would be very beneficial.  Many of our clients are individuals with multiple issues and trying to find a lawyer when under stress is an additional burden for them.

As you study this issue, please consider our clients and develop goals and standards that will both preserve the ethical integrity of the legal professional and also serve our population.

Stephen Higginbotham Braunginn