Pro Bono Survey Project


Click on the above map to view an interactive version. As information becomes available regarding state commitments and progress on this project, this map will be updated.

Project Opportunity

General Information: The ABA’s Standing Committee on Pro Bono & Public Service has extensive experience conducting nationwide empirical research of attorneys about their pro bono experiences and attitudes. Now, the Committee is offering its pro bono survey instrument, free of charge, to states interested in studying various aspects of the profession’s pro bono culture.

Project Process and Timeline:

June – August, 2016:  determine interest among your state’s stakeholders in distributing a survey to your attorney population.

August – December, 2016: develop a leadership team (judiciary, bar association representatives, legal services provider and others); raise or identify funds to  be used as an incentive for attorneys to complete the survey.

September – December, 2016:  raise awareness among your attorney population by posting announcements in newsletters, on listservs and other social media.

January, 2017: surveys to be distributed by email to all attorneys in your state.

February – March, 2017: distribute reminders and encourage responses

April, 2017 – May 2017: data analyzed by ABA staff

June, 2017: receive analyzed data report and raw data for your state

June – August, 2017: the ABA will facilitate conference calls for your state’s stakeholders to discuss findings and come up with policy and program recommendations.

Summer 2017: the ABA will publish one report summarizing the findings for all of the states that participated.


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To view a "frequently asked questions" document about this project, go here: Pro Bono Survey Project FAQs.

To view the report from the most recent national survey, go here: Supporting Justice III (2013)

To view the report from the Nebraska survey, go here: Supporting Justice in Nebraska (2015)

To download and view a recent powerpoint presentation about these surveys and this survey opportunity, go here: Pro Bono Surveys: Building Knowledge about your Attorney Population (2016)