California Standard 10.5

In 1999, California adopted Standard 10.5 which states that "[j]udicial participation in community outreach activities should be considered an official judicial function to promote public understanding of and confidence in the administration of justice." Specifically, Standard 10.5(b)(1) encourages the judiciary to "provide active leadership within the community in identifying and resolving issues of access to justice within the court system." For more information, the full text of California Standard 10.5 can be found here.

Montana Fourth Judicial District Pro Bono Policy

The judges of Montana's Fourth Judicial District established Judicial Standards and a Pro Bono Policy to "encourage pro bono activity, foster fairness in allocating pro bono work load and educate attorneys practicing in the Fourth Judicial District about pro bono as provided by Rule 6.1 of the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct."

Among other things, the policy states that "[t]he Judiciary finds it is a professional responsibility of attorneys to provide pro bono legal services to those unable to pay and in need of legal representation." Accordingly, "[i]t is appropriate and desirable that the Judiciary acknowledge the work of volunteer lawyers in writing and at public and private functions honoring volunteer lawyers."

Finally, the policy asserts that "[e]very lawyer in this District has a professional responsibility to provide legal services to those unable to pay." A lawyer should render at least fifty (50) hours of pro bono public legal services per year.

For more information, the full text of the Montana Fourth District Pro Bono Policy can be found here.