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2023 ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference

ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference Sessions

A to E

0 to 60: Incorporating Project Management to Promote Rapid Pro Bono Change

50 Tech Tips 2023

Actionable Insights from Current Access to Civil Justice Research

Advancing Technology to Help Low-income Community Members Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits  

Advocating for Legal and Lived Equality for LGBTQ+ Clients

Allied Legal Professionals: A National Movement of New Legal Services Providers

Access to Tax Justice for Unauthorized Immigrants

Benchmarking Legal Aid Technology: Assessing What You Have and What You Need 

Beyond Opioids

Bridging the Civil Access to Justice Gap in Alaska Through Research, Policy, and Practice Innovations

Building a Successful Public Benefits Pro Bono Project

Building and Sustaining Partnerships to Provide Legal Services to LGBTQ+ Clients

Buzzer Beater – Legal Ethics for EJC Quiz Show

Climate Change Changes Everything

Corporate-Led Justice Initiatives: Bank United and the Miami Heir's Property Project

Cy Pres and Legal Aid: A Match Made in Justice

Eyes & Ears in Court: Gathering Data for Demanding Equal Access to Justice

Developing a Pipeline for Executive Leadership in Legal Aid

Developing a Volunteer Interpreter Program (VIP) to Expand Access to Justice

Disability Justice: Path Toward True Equity and Inclusion

Doing the Work: Creating and Implementing a Race Equity Plan in Real Life

Educating Legislators About Legal Aid 2.0

Exploring Mindfulness as a Component of Well-Being

F to O

Fair Chance Housing:  Strategies for Increasing Access to Housing for People with Criminal Records

Fighting Harmful Public Benefits Algorithms Through Uniting Technologists & Lawyers

Filling the Justice Gap in Rural Places

Heirs' Property:  A Case Study of Cultural Competence in Pro Bono

Hot Topics in Civil Legal Aid

Houston Eviction Defense Coalition as a Model for Collaboration

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data a/k/a Data is the Bomb!

How Legal Aid and Pro Bono Lawyers Can Help Prevent Evictions

Right to Counsel: The Intersection of Racial and Housing Justice

What Does $40 Million Get You: How LSC Grantees Are Building Disaster Legal Response Programs

How To Improve Your Communications Strategy and Amplify Your Message

Immigration and Public Benefits Strategies for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Immigration Hot Topics

Inclusive Management Strategies for Effective Staff Supervision

Injustice of the Peace

Insurance, Race, and Justice

It Takes a Village: Federal Funding's Role in Ensuring Equity and Inclusion

Law Firms and Non-profits: Solving the Same Pro Bono Problems With Shared Innovations

Legal Aid Funders Networks: Innovative Collaborations Supporting Legal Aid

Legal Aid Response to Mass Shootings in Texas

Leveraging Pro Bono Partnerships for Appellate Court Victories and Systemic Change

Leveraging Social Media to Understand Civil Justice Needs and Connect with Your Community

Making Transgender Pro Bono Legal Programs Work

Merging Advocacy and Pro Bono:  How to Develop a Strategic Plan

MIE Roundtable for Legal Services Executive Directors and Managers

My Project Failed! ... What Do I Do Now?

P to Z

Pro Bono is A Field of Dreams - How to Build (Market) It So They Come

Pro Bono Partnering to Fight Injustice and Burnout

Pro Bono Peer Academy: Volunteer Training & Management to Meet Emerging Client Needs

Reimagining Housing Court: Increasing Access to Legal and Non-Legal Services

Recruitment, Retention and Diversity in Legal Aid: the Recommendations from the Latest Studies and Surveys

Reimaging Intake in Alabama

State Legislative Funding Roundtable

Strategies to Make Civil Justice a Funding Imperative

Teaching the Skills for Client-Centered & Trauma-Informed Representation

Technology Solutions to the Access to Justice Crisis

Telling Persuasive Pro Bono Stories with Respect for Clients & Their Confidentiality

That Was A LOT of Information. Now What?

The 4 Ds of Successful Workplace Anti-Racism Efforts (Hint: "Diversity" is Not One)

The Above the Line Network: Innovative Service Models for Those Legal Aid Can't Help

The Changing Face of Landlord Tenant Laws in a Post Pandemic World

The Role of Pro Bono During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Reimagining Intake: How Coordinated Intake and Callback Scheduling Can Improve the Applicant Experience

Train the Trainers: Inspiring Passion in 118 Seconds (aka Conducting Ambassador Training with Staff and Board Members)

Training Non-Attorneys for Providing Access to Justice in Tribal Communities

Transactional Pro Bono: Opportunities to Do Meaningful Pro Bono Work Without Going Anywhere Near a Courtroom  

Using Data to Identify & Address Racial Inequities

Using the ABA Legal Aid Standards to Institute Best Practices and Promote Policies Advancing Advocacy

Utilizing Automated Text Messaging to Better Understand Client Legal and Social Outcomes

What's an A2J Tech Fellow and Why Do I Need One For My Project?

Your Clients Want to Help You Make Better Content. Here's How to Listen and Learn