Approval Process Materials

Important Notice

Please see the August 20, 2014 Notice from the Standing Committee on Paralegals.

Applications for Approval, Reapproval or Interim

The Standing Committee has recently implemented the ABA Paralegal Education Program Approval Process Reporting System (the "System"). Effective immediately, the Standing Committee will no longer accept approval, reapproval or interim report forms in paper format. All applications for approval and/or reapproval, and interim report forms, are required to be submitted through the online System.  Please DO NOT complete and submit paper copies of the forms. Please contact the Approval Process Manager (312-988-5617) with any questions concerning the Approval/Reapproval process, or the Report Review Coordinator (312-988-5757) with any questions concerning the interim report process. Passwords are required to access the system and ABA staff is in the process of providing log-in instructions to all approved programs.

If a paralegal education program is seeking initial approval, please contact the Staff Counsel (312-988-5618) for information. Passwords are required to access the System and will be provided upon receipt of the initial application fee. Applications for initial approval must be completed within six months due to data calculations inherent in the system.

Substantive Change and Reporting Forms

ABA Approved Paralegal Education Programs are required to report major changes in their programs or operations as set out in G-104.M of the ABA Guidelines for the Approval of Paralegal Education Programs (Guidelines).  Effective September 1, 2013 a fee is imposed on programs submitting certain changes pursuant to G-104.M.1 of the ABA Guidelines for the Approval of Paralegal Education Programs.  The fee is due at the time the Substantive/Major Change Report Form is submitted.  Forms requiring fees are identified  with "**" below. Please see the Statement of Fees for specific fee.

  1. Substantive Change Reporting Form -- Accrediting Agency and/or Accreditation Status
  2. Revised Substantive Change Reporting Form -- New Program Option**
  3. Substantive Change Reporting Form -- Additional/New Location**
  4. Substantive Change Reporting Form -- Ownership and/or Financial Support**
  5. Substantive Change Reporting Form Alternative Delivery Course Approval:
                a.   Online Delivery Format
                b.   Hybrid/Blended Delivery Format
                c.    Accelerated Delivery Format
                d.   Compressed Delivery Format
  6. Alternative Delivery Certification
  7. Revised Alternative Delivery Procedures
  8. Reporting Form -- New Program Director**
  9. Substantive Change Reporting Form -- Cessation of Program Option**
  10. Revised Substantive Change Reporting Form -- Substantial Curriculum Change**
  11. Substantive Change Reporting Form -- Organizational Changes Involving the Paralegal Program
  12. Substantive Change Reporting Form -- Programs Ceasing Operation or Requesting Voluntary Withdrawal of ABA Approval**
  13. New Substantive Change Reporting Form – Cessation of Program Location

** Forms require a fee.

If you have any questions regarding the materials, please email us.

Updated: 05/19/2017