Guidelines for the Approval of Paralegal Education Programs

This 2018 publication of the Standing Committee on Paralegals contains the revised Guidelines, interpretative evaluative criteria and procedures.

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A Practical Guide to the ABA Approval Process

Purchase the complete step-by-step guide to the ABA's Approval Process of Paralegal Education Programs. The Guide is available in hard copy format, PDF format or as a package of both formats.

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2015 Legal Assistant's Complete Desk Reference

Paralegals and legal assistants need a thorough guide to all the rules and regulations dictating their job performance, as well as a repository of the many forms they see every day. Now updated and revised, The 2015 Legal Assistant's Complete Desk Reference explores these myriad responsibilities and types of paperwork .

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How to Utilize Legal Assistants in Pro Bono Publico Programs

This publication encourages the utilization of paralegals/legal assistants in pro bono public law programs that provide legal services to those who cannot afford to hire an attorney. Legal assistants volunteering in pro bono efforts are subject to the same laws, rules, and ethical considerations that apply to legal assistants in employment situations.

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