Site Visit Team Training Webinar

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a member of a site visit team evaluating a paralegal education program for approval by the American Bar Association. A site visit team performs the critical work of examining a paralegal education program in person to provide the factual foundation the Standing Committee on Paralegals Approval Commission needs in order to determine whether a program operates in compliance with the ABA Guidelines for the Approval of Paralegal Education Programs. Each member of a site visit team has an immense responsibility, to the American Bar Association, to the program being visited and to the paralegal profession, to carry out their duties with great care and a high degree of professionalism. A complete report of the facts found and observations made by the site team will communicate effectively the team’s overall impressions of the program.

The goal of the Webinar is to give you the tools you need to feel comfortable in your role as a site visitor. Please feel free to view this Webinar and the documents referred to throughout the webinar as many times as necessary. Please feel free to call the ABA staff or the site visit chair if you have any questions about how to proceed or what to expect.

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Webinar Materials

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Guide for Site Teams
Site Visit Report Guide

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Site Visit Report Guide
Sample Site Visit Report

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