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September 13, 2023

Nita Serrano

Commission Member (2023-2026)


Nita Serrano, ACP, FRP, AACP, is a Litigation Paralegal in Tampa, Florida working in the area of General Casualty handling all aspects of cases from case inception through trial preparation and participation.  Nita has been a paralegal for most of her adult life, four of those years as a freelance paralegal.  Nita specializes in the areas of civil litigation, insurance defense, medical malpractice, personal injury, nursing home, general negligence, criminal, and family law.  Nita is also a Florida Notary Public and Florida Remote Online Notary Public.

Nita earned her Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from Florida Metropolitan University in 2000, her designation as a PACE Registered Paralegal (RP®) from the National Federation of Paralegal Associations in March 2007 and maintained the RP through 2023; her designation as an American Alliance Certified Paralegal (AACP) from the American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc. in September 2019, Florida Registered Paralegal in May 2020 (FRP previously 2008-2011), National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) Certified Paralegal (CP) in October 2020 and NALA Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP) in Trial Practice in October 2020.

Nita has been an active member of the Tampa Bay Paralegal Association, Inc. (TBPA) since 2006, and has served various leadership roles including, Director, Second Vice President, President-Elect, President, and Board Advisor.  She was TBPA’s first Paralegal Certification Ambassador. She has also chaired and served on various committees. Nita is a member of the Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations, Inc. (“FAPA”) and served as President. She has served as Board Advisor for the NFPA Board of Directors, NFPA President; as well as two terms as the Vice President & Director of Paralegal Certification.  Nita is also a member of the National Association of Legal Assistants (“NALA”) since 2020 and is a Member of the Continuing Education Council. Nita has also served on the Hillsborough Community College, Paralegal Advisory Board since 2010 and served on Keiser University’s Paralegal Advisory Board from 2011-2020.

In April 2022, Nita was appointed by the Supreme Court of Florida to the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit’s Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee.


Nita became involved with the Approval Commission after attending a meeting of various paralegal and legal associations in 2019 who discussed ways to elevate the paralegal profession. She is passionate about the paralegal profession, education, and certification and believes education is essential for paralegals entering the profession.