Keeley Mitchell

Keeley Mitchell, Commission Member, 2018-2021

Keeley Mitchell, Commission Member, 2018-2021


Keeley P. Mitchell, JD, MBA is an Assistant Professor in Business at Delaware County Community College.  She teaches in the areas of Business and Legal Studies.  Prior to joining the Business Department as faculty, Keeley served as the Director of Paralegal Studies at DCCC. Before going into higher education, she practiced as an attorney in the areas of Business Law, Bond Law, and Real Estate Law.


The American Bar Association plays a very vital role in paralegal education and the profession.  Namely, it provides validation that paralegals are actually a profession that requires proper training and education. For too long, lawyers overlooked the importance of paralegals to the overall legal profession. With the support of the ABA the tide has shifted, and a lot of that can be contributed to the ABA’s support of for the paralegal profession, and its commitment that ABA-approved programs deliver exemplary education.