Jody Cooper

Jody Cooper, Commission Member, 2017-2020

Jody Cooper, Commission Member, 2017-2020


Attorney Jody L. Cooper is the owner and sole proprietor of Cooper Law Office in Rock County, Wisconsin, founded in 2002. Jody is a general practitioner focusing on estate planning, real estate, probate, and small claims, and serves on the District 12 Committee for the Office of Lawyer Regulation. She graduated from UW-Whitewater and Marquette Law School, Magna Cum Laude.

Jody is also a full-time instructor in the Paralegal Program at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin, where she teaches Legal Research, E-Discovery, Contracts, Computer Applications, and Employment Law. She has been teaching since 2002, and has certifications from Clio Products, Microsoft Office, Quality Matters, and the National Society for Legal Technology.

Jody has served as a representative on the ABA Approval Commission since 2017.


I started my involvement with the ABA approval process in 2016, when the Madison College Paralegal Program had its first reapproval site visit since I joined the team. The dedication by the team that visited our Program was inspiring. Having a colleague who was involved in the Approval Commission, I learned about the process and commitment of the volunteers. I decided to pursue a position on the Approval Commission, and I was appointed in 2017.

Since my time on the Commission, I have made several site visits as both the chair and second seat, and I have attended the bi-annual meetings of the Commission. The standards set by the ABA for paralegal education have helped guide me through my time on the Commission. Having ABA approval means meeting a specified standard of quality education. The sites I have visited are led by professionals dedicated to the standards of the ABA. It is a pleasure to be associated with such dedicated people, including those at the sites and those on the Commission.