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August 17, 2020

Litigation Code Set Sample Budget Format

Uniform Task-Based Management System


Month From Inception:

Budget Period:

Month into Budget Period:

Current Billings:

For Budget – Bills to Budget Date:

Period from Inception – Bills to Budget Date:

L100 Case Assessment, Development and Administration

L110 Fact Investigation/Development
L120 Analysis/Strategy
L130 Experts/Consultants
L140 Document/File Management
L150 Budgeting
L160 Settlement/Non-Binding ADR
L190 Other Case Assessment, Development and Administration

L200 Pre-Trial Pleadings and Motions

L210 Pleadings
L220 Preliminary Injunctions/Provisional Remedies
L230 Court Mandated Conferences
L240 Dispositive Motions
L250 Other Written Motions and Submissions
L260 Class Action Certification and Notice

L300 Discovery

L310 Written Discovery
L320 Document Production
L330 Depositions
L340 Expert Discovery
L350 Discovery Motions
L390 Other Discovery

L400 Trial Preparation and Trial

L410 Fact Witnesses
L420 Expert Witnesses
L430 Written Motions and Submissions
L440 Other Trial Preparation and Support
L450 Trial and Hearing Attendance
L460 Post-Trial Motions and Submissions
L470 Enforcement

L500 Appeal

L510 Appellate Motions and Submissions
L520 Appellate Briefs
L530 Oral Argument

E100 Expenses (Itemize)