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September 30, 2020

Template Matter Based Task Code Sets

Using these Templates

The templates have been organized by area of law.  Older task code sets (such as the Litigation Section’s original UTMBS Litigation Code Set) are included as originally written. Where revisions or code sets from other sources exist, those code sets have also been included.

For more recent code sets, the sets are preceded by an explanation on how to use the code set and in some cases identification of key cost drivers.  Users are urged to study these explanations to make best use of the tools.

These templates are an initial guide for discussion with a client, development of a work plan, and a basis for fee discussions.  Any particular matter may require the expansion, contraction or rejection of these suggestions.  Ultimately, the purpose of any task code set and any budgeting effort is to align the expectations of clients and their lawyers about how an engagement will proceed.