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October 01, 2018

About This Resource

This toolkit provides ABA members with sample task code sets in order to facilitate the construction of matter specific work plans.  To do so, consider these steps::

  • Use these templates as a guide for your consideration and discussions with your client about the scope of the engagement.
  • Use these templates as a starting point for your development of a work plan for the engagement.
  • Pick and choose the phases and tasks relevant to the particular engagement.
  • Add tasks or sub-tasks as necessary to articulate the important deliverables or work items for the engagement.
  • Estimate the time needed to complete the tasks and make judgments about the size of the team needed.
  • Discuss a fee arrangement with the client in conjunction with agreement on what tasks are in-scope or out-of-scope.
  • Use the listed ABA and other resources to hone your skills on legal project management and non-hourly fee structures.