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ABA Matter Based Deliverable and Task Code Sets

The ABA Working Group on Task Based Billing Codes has created an ABA member benefit resource to assist in the development of detailed work plans and the pricing and scoping of those plans. 

Our Goal

The goal of this toolkit is to facilitate communication between lawyer and client about the engagement’s deliverables, their respective fees and the definition of success. Ultimately the purpose of any task code set and any budgeting effort is to align the expectations of clients and their lawyers about the parameters of work to be undertaken by the lawyer. These code sets are suggestions on a methodology to achieve that alignment. They can and should be modified as particular circumstances or engagement warrant.

Using this Resource

This toolkit provides ABA members with sample task code sets in order to facilitate the construction of matter specific work plans.

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Increasingly, clients are requiring realistic budgets for legal engagements, and lawyers are being called upon to offer fee arrangements on a basis other than hourly rates.

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What's Next?

It is the ABA’s intention that this toolkit continue to grow and be developed with additional templates and other resources. The current plan is to update this tool as new resources become available.

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About the Templates

ABA groups have developed these templates for members’ use in developing work plans for legal service delivery and projections on estimated costs of those services.


Task based billing codes for litigation were introduced by the ABA as an initiative of the ABA Section of Litigation, the American Corporate Counsel Association (now the Association of Corporate Counsel), and a sponsoring group of major corporate law departments and law firms coordinated and supported by Price Waterhouse LLP.

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Working Group Members