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Accounting for Attorneys: Beyond the Numbers

Thursday, March 4, 2021 | Solo & Small Firm Committee | Please join our panelists as they discuss the basics of accounting for attorneys, the difference between cash and accrual accounting, practical applications, and how to use financial information to build your case. Our diverse panel includes a United States Bankruptcy Judge, a seasoned litigator, and an experienced accounting expert. We look forward to discussing and sharing their real world examples of accounting issues.

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Recent Developments in Bankruptcy Law

Friday, March 19 2021 | Bankruptcy & Insolvency Litigation Committee | Tackle timely topics of bankruptcy and reorganization at this Roundtable discussion featuring illustrious bankruptcy practitioners of the benches and bars of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The Panelists will lead the program with lease issues in the time of COVID, exploring suspension of performance under 365 and the potential for tenant’s reprisal through force majure clauses. Exploring ethical issues on committees, the Panel will examine the conflicts of interest and criminal activity in Neiman Marcus. Finally, the Panelists will discuss the push-and pull between the bankruptcy courts and regulatory agencies, specifically with regards to disputes with FERC that have arisen in many of the recent oil and gas bankruptcy cases.

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Virtual ADR: Share What You've Learned, Learn What You Need

Monday, March 22, 2021 | Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee | COVID-19 kicked off a revolution in virtual mediation and arbitration that won't stop soon and in many ways is here to stay. In this series, the Section of Litigation's Alternative Dispute Resolution and Commercial & Business Litigation Committees want to help practitioners share best practices and learn from each other in these highly interactive sessions in which related clusters of committees of the Section meet in a Zoom meeting format Roundtable to discuss the issues, led by mediator Jeff Kichaven, mediator and arbitrator Conna Weiner, and litigator, mediator and arbitrator Marc Zucker, along with designated lead participants from the Antitrust Litigation, Intellectual Property, Business Torts & Unfair Competition and Corporate Counsel Committees. Because of the importance of expert testimony in these areas of the law, we will also be joined by an expert from Ankura with experience in giving testimony virtually. Our conversations will focus on both general and are-specific challenges and questions.

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Diversity Leads: Promoting Women and African Americans (as Judges and Clerks) in the Federal Judiciary

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 | The Woman Advocate Committee Appellate Practice, Diversity & Inclusion, JIOP, Minority Trial Lawyer, and LGBT Law & Litigator Committees | The lack of women and African Americans (as judges and clerks) in the federal judiciary is a longstanding issue that requires attention and action. To truly promote the fair and impartial administration of justice, the federal judiciary in the United States of America needs to reflect the diverse population it serves. This roundtable will continue this important and timely discussion and is aligned with the ABA’s Goal III to promote the full and equal participation of minorities in the legal profession. This panel will be moderated by Juvaria Khan, Founder of the Appellate Project.

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COVID/CARES Impact on Real Estate and Title Industries

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 | Real Estate, Condemnation & Trust Committee | With emergency orders, moratoriums, healthcare guidelines, and sporadic closures, getting to the closing table is no longer a simple process. COVID-19 and the laws and regulations that have emerged are new territory for everyone—especially in real estate. Learn about the new and evolving real estate closing landscape and how to facilitate the real estate acquisition and closing process during a pandemic. Let’s explore how historically low interest rates and heightened demand for real estate affect our industry. Listen to our experts discuss how clerks and courts are handling the influx of submissions while there is limited staff and office hours. How does CARES Act moratoria on loan enforcement affect the market and industry? Where is the commercial market heading given the moratoria and new work from home approach?

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Diverse Litigation Teams: The Key to Success

Friday, March 26, 2021 | Commercial & Business Litigation Committee and Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee | What role should diversity play in staffing litigation teams? How does diversity within your team affect your client engagement, oral advocacy, or trial presentation? Do judges and juries care, or even notice? Our panelists will walk you through creating diverse litigation teams and the immense benefits they provide in and out of the courtroom.

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Practical Tips for the Corporate/Rule 30(b)(6) Depositions in Construction Cases

Monday, April 12, 2021 | Construction Litigation Committee | Goals include discussion and practical guidance: (1) Strategic use of corporate depositions and when to take them. (2)Techniques to identify designees, objections to topics, timing and disclosure. (3) Preparation of designees and ethical considerations. (4) Creative approaches and common traps for corporate depositions. (5) Considerations for remote corporate depositions.

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Cannabis IP: Real or Smoke and Mirrors?

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 | Intellectual Property Litigation Committee | The program will include experts presenting and interactively discussing the scope and current limits of intellectual property protection available to cannabis and CBD businesses, and best practices to maximize the protections for these businesses in today's conflicting maze of regulations.

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