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You Need An Expert Witness, But Where Do You Find One?

David Joseph Scriven-Young

You Need An Expert Witness, But Where Do You Find One?
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Round Table Group is a Premier Sponsor of the ABA Litigation Section. On this Litigation Radio episode, we will hear from Russ Rosenzweig, CEO of Round Table Group, about using third parties in expert searches. The selection of the Round Table Group as the subject of this interview should not be construed as an endorsement by the American Bar Association of the Round Table Group and its services.

When representing clients with complex issues, there are times when you need an expert witness. A real expert. Someone who will help you dissect, understand, and present key elements to jurors or judges in a way they can understand.

Enter Round Table Group, “the experts on experts.” Guest Russ Rosenzweig is CEO and co-founder of a firm that specializes in identifying, enlisting, and providing expert witnesses and consultants across virtually every possible topic with tens of thousands of affiliated leaders in their field.

Hear how litigators find and hire an expert, no matter the niche. Remember that scene in “My Cousin Vinny” when Joe Pesci puts his girlfriend, Marisa Tomei, on the stand as a brilliant expert. It doesn’t happen like that. And they don’t teach this in law school. Learn about the search process, search and hire billing rates, and expert fee negotiations.

Many lawyers don’t know where to start. They may be missing the best of the best, or they can waste time trying to find the right expert. Many Round Table Group staffers themselves are lawyers, engineers, and experts. They know how to read a patent or dissect evidence to find the exact right expert to help attorneys prove their point and win their case.

Learn how a team of professionals can help you identify your needs, craft the right angle, and dial in to the expert who can push your case across the line.

Special thanks to our sponsor DISCO.