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New Lawyer? Tips for Fitting in, Standing Out, and Learning on the Job

David Joseph Scriven-Young

New Lawyer? Tips for Fitting in, Standing Out, and Learning on the Job
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Newly admitted lawyers can feel overwhelmed and intimidated. Law schools can’t teach everything, and there’s a lot of on-the-job learning. Some of the work is difficult and complicated. Some of what’s required is as simple as showing up on time and doing work that looks perfect and is free of typos (yes, that matters, even for internal communications).

With each task, the best new lawyers progress from competence to excellence. Start with the goal of being a “superstar associate” by being the best lawyer you can be. When new lawyers take on tasks and do good work, others will notice and will mentor you. What any new lawyer makes of their earliest experience in any firm will drive them to the next level, no matter their career path.

This episode shares tips for standing out and learning how to be a lawyer from two attorneys who have excelled in their careers and have made partner at their respective firms.

Plus, a Quick Tip from the ABA Litigation Section’s Mental Health and Wellness Task Force. Hear how attorneys are vulnerable to eating disorders and substance abuse. Learn to recognize the signs.

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