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Pro Bono Burnout: What Can We Do? A Panel Discussion

David Joseph Scriven-Young

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Burnout is real and can affect all of us. A Bloomberg survey found burnout to be a major problem, and it’s getting worse among attorneys, indicating that reports of attorney burnout exceeded 50 percent, while reports of wellbeing and job satisfaction are in decline. And it also affects attorneys who want to volunteer. It’s easy to forget you’re only one person and you can’t do it all. 

In this episode, Dave invites a panel of experts to tackle this important and potentially damaging syndrome as it affects attorneys who volunteer pro bono. How can we get involved in pro bono work without burning out? It starts with being aware of the syndrome, adjusting our workflow to the right level, adopting “virtual” programs to balance time, sharing the load, and focusing on areas of passion. 

Learn to recognize the signs of pro bono burnout and how you can help yourself and others deal with feeling stressed and overwhelmed. And for all who volunteer their services to help others: Thank you.

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