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Litigation Radio

Mastering Litigation: Effective Communication for Legal Success

David Joseph Scriven-Young

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Law schools do an excellent job teaching the law, but does anyone teach new lawyers how to communicate and develop positive, productive relationships? Most lawyers graduate with a solid grasp of the law, but many have never learned how to work with clients, colleagues, judges, opposing counsel, and the community at large. Effective communication and relationship development are at the heart of every litigation practice. Communication builds strong cases, establishes rapport with clients and colleagues, and helps litigators explain complicated issues to juries. Guest Nan Joesten, a former corporate executive and litigator and founder of Rapid Evolution LLC, is dedicated to helping attorneys and executives build communication and relationship skills. In this episode, we discuss key elements for communication; strategies to use in the courtroom and in our practices; and tips to help us listen, communicate, connect, get involved, and build a reputation. Hear Nan’s real-world insights and actionable tips—don’t wait to become a better communicator!

Stay tuned for our “Quick Tips” segment on mediation at the end of this episode.

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