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Finding New Clients

David Joseph Scriven-Young

Finding New Clients
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When it comes to your business development goals, guest (and rainmaker) Merrick “Rick” Gross explains the two biggest pools for new clients: internal and external.

Internal client development is often overlooked, but it’s as important as finding external clients. Build your book of business through other attorneys at your own firm, especially if you work at a large firm with multiple offices across the country. The principles of internal client development are surprisingly simple. Talk to your colleagues. Be a nice person. Take time to visit your coworkers and listen to them. You can use “cross-marketing” and internal team building to find new clients.

Then there are external clients—new business outside your firm. Not surprisingly, the principles are the same. Get out there. Develop personal relationships. Write for publications. Seek out speaking engagements at industry and trade conferences. Join organizations and even have a little fun getting to know people.

Nothing replaces being a great lawyer. But these valuable tips provide new tools for building your career and your business.

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