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Litigation Radio

Expert Advice: Finding the Expert Witness Who Will Help You Win Your Case

David Joseph Scriven-Young

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Round Table Group is a Premier Sponsor of the ABA Litigation Section. On this Litigation Radio episode, we will hear from Dan Rubin, National Business Development Manager of Round Table Group, about using third parties in expert searches. The selection of Round Table Group as the subject of this interview should not be construed as an endorsement by the American Bar Association of Round Table Group and its services.

Expert witnesses can play a pivotal role in litigation, offering insights and testimony that can make or break a case. But where do you find them, and how do you ensure it’s the right one? 

Guests Genevieve M. Sauter of Noonan Lance Boyer & Banach LLP, and Dan Rubin, national business development manager for the expert witness search and referral firm Round Table Group, share their insights on locating and presenting the right experts. 

What are litigators looking for when they select an expert witness? Decades of experience? Advanced degrees? Sure. But also important are intangibles such as geographic location, experience, relatability, manner, and presentation skills. 

Hear how attorneys search for, test, and select the best experts to match each case. If your case depends on not just expertise, but also how well a jury and judge will understand that expertise, you must dedicate time to the crucial stage of selecting the right expert. 

Best practices, fees, contracts, discovery, and preparation. It’s all in this episode. Every step will make the difference between winning your case and missing the mark.