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Litigation Radio

10 Tips to Build a Scalable and Sustainable Law Practice

David Joseph Scriven-Young

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The legal industry is constantly changing—client expectations have evolved, law firms are running remotely, and the use of legal technology has increased. So how can litigators keep up and continue to grow and improve their practice? In this episode of Litigation Radio, top legal experts discuss ideas and technology to help build a more scalable and sustainable law practice. Joining this episode are Don Bivens (Chair, ABA Center for Innovation); Kimberly Bennett (Lawyer, Strategist, and Tech Co-Founder for Social Impact Entrepreneurs); Joseph Raczynski (Global Leader in Leveraging Emerging Technologies); and Joseph Gartner (Director, ABA Center for Innovation).

Discussed in this episode:

  • New AI-powered legal writing tools

  • Scheduling software for lawyers

  • Legal chatbots

  • Law firm sales customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Lawyer payment methods your clients want

  • Client portals and experience platforms for law firms

  • And much more…