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Diversity Leads: DEI in Hiring, Recruiting, & Retention - Best Practices and Legal Rules of the Road

Elizabeth Timkovich, Sarah J. Platt, Michal Rogson, and Jorge Quezada

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is a growing focus of many companies with respect to their recruiting, hiring, and employee retention practices. While many companies have aspirational goals in the DE&I space, how do you put those aspirations into action in a legally compliant way? This roundtable presentation – led by Sarah Platt of Ogletree Deakins – will focus on answering that question. In particular, this session will focus on:

  • The primary court decisions relevant to DE&I programs and the current state of the law in this area 
  • The legal guardrails for DE&I programs
  • Best practices for maintaining a legally compliant and successful DE&I program in recruiting and hiring employees, including:
    • Best practices for sourcing talent
    • Best practices for the interview process

Sponsored by the Woman Advocate Committee