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Resources for Children’s Lawyers During a National Emergency


  • This page provides resources and information specifically tailored for children's lawyers during a national emergency.
  • It offers guidance on the unique challenges and considerations faced by children's lawyers in times of crisis.
  • Its resources cover a wide range of topics including child welfare, education, healthcare, immigration, and juvenile justice, aiming to support effective advocacy and representation for children during national emergencies.
Resources for Children’s Lawyers During a National Emergency
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A national crisis is unsurprisingly overwhelming and stressful, but it can be even more so for those most vulnerable in our society. Children's lawyers have to advocate for their clients in times of emergency more than ever. To help, the Children's Rights Litigation Committee has curated some of their Practice Points that focus on resources and guidelines you can use during a crisis. To look through our entire archive of Practice Points, click here.

For additional resources see the National Association of Counsel for Children COVID-19 Resource Hub, the National Juvenile Defender Center COVID-19 Resources, and the Family Justice Initiative COVID-19 Legal Tools.

For news stories on how COVID-19 is affecting child welfare and juvenile justice systems see The Chronicle of Social Change Coronavirus, Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice:  A Running Thread.

If you have tips or best practices to share please contact us.

Six Ways to Ensure Transition Aged Youth Leverage Federal Support During and Post-Pandemic
By Jenny Pokempner – August 25, 2021
A few things you can do to help transition aged youth with experience in the foster care system benefit from the vital aid that was intended for them, but that many are not receiving. 

Privacy and Confidentiality Tips for Virtual Hearings
By Cathy Krebs – July 1, 2020
A few considerations to keep in mind while you navigate the many logistical issues involved in remote court hearings.

Advocating for Kinship Placement During the COVID-19 Pandemic
By Andrew Cohen and Cathy Krebs– May 6, 2020
Placement with kin is more important now than ever before.

Privacy Considerations for Remote Client Conversations
By Cathy Krebs – April 27, 2020
Some tips for maintaining consistent connection with child clients while ensuring lawyer-client confidentiality is not breached.

Advocating for Special Education Services During COVID-19
By Marisol Garcia and Lisa Morrow – April 7, 2020
Some information to help you get started advocating for needed services, documenting any regression, and preparing information to seek compensatory services after schools re-open.

Tips for Advocating for Immigrant Clients During COVID-19
By Cathy Krebs – April 3, 2020
A few ideas to assist you while advocating in this crisis.

Tips to Ensure Your Child Clients Have Access to Technology
By Cathy Krebs – March 31, 2020
Children’s lawyers need to ensure their clients have resources that they need during this outbreak.

Are Special Education Services Required in the Time of COVID-19?
By Jennifer Gavin – March 31, 2020
School districts must always provide a free and appropriate education for students with disabilities.

COVID-19 Resources and Information for Foster Youth
By Cathy Krebs – March 24, 2020
Several organizations have compiled accurate and up-to-date information to help you advocate for your clients.

Advocating for Kids in Detention and Congregate Care Amidst COVID-19 Concerns
By Cathy Krebs – March 23, 2020
Some information and arguments you can use to assist your clients.

Making an Emergency Plan with Transition Age Youth in Foster Care During a National Crisis
By Cathy Krebs – March 20, 2020
A resource for lawyers on how to ensure their clients’ needs are met during the current COVID-19 crisis.

At-Home Education and Learning Resources for Foster Youth During COVID-19
By Angie Schwartz – March 20, 2020
A few offerings to assist you in advocating for your child clients’ continued education and supporting foster parents.

Support for Youth Advocates During a National Emergency
By Cathy Moffa, Marcía Hopkins, and Sue Mangold – March 17, 2020
Ten measures Juvenile Law Center is taking during the COVID-19 emergency.

Five Steps for Addressing Compassion Fatigue
By Cathy Krebs – July 3, 2018
Provide zealous representation to your clients without experiencing compassion fatigue.