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Send all questions, pitches, and submissions to [email protected]. We will do our best to get back to you within a few days of your submission.

Publication Policy

Our members are an incredible source of incomparable content. The key is making sure that the Section’s content leverages the best that our committees have to offer. Learn more about the types of content that make our Section unique.

Practice Points

  • Practice Points should be between 100–750 words.
  • Practice Point submissions should cover basics and tips for practicing litigation, career development, and case analysis that includes practice tips resulting from the case or decision.


  • Full-length article submissions should be 750 to 2,500 words.
  • Articles should involve more in-depth case analysis, legal trends, discussions of career development or personal career journeys, or tips for lawyers. 


  • Headlines and subheads should be no more than 60 characters if possible.
  • Breaking articles up into sections with subheads is encouraged.


  • Citations should be minimal and worked into the text. We do not publish footnotes or endnotes.
  • Whenever possible, link to cases or websites directly instead of using formal citations.  

Images, Charts, Graphs

  • If possible, avoid including images.
    • If you are including images in your submission, they must be high resolution, at least 1000 pixels in width (ideally 2560 pixels), and must not be text based. (Images of scenes depicting signage or similar incidences of text are acceptable.)
    • Include credit for all images, photos, and illustrations.
  • Charts, graphs, and tables of data should be included only when necessary. They should be uncomplicated and easy to understand.
  • If your submission will include images or charts, please contact us [email protected] before you submit your manuscript.