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Interested in writing for Litigation News?

The Litigation Section’s national news magazine is looking for excellent writers to join our editorial board as contributing editors to reach an audience of tens of thousands of readers. The board writes on a variety of litigation topics including civil procedure, ethics, arbitration, discovery, and attorney-client privilege.

Contact: [email protected]

Background Information

Contributing Editor*

New editorial board members with less than 3 years on the board. This is a trial-period to ensure the editor is a good fit with the publication. This is also a time to determine if this is something that makes professional and personal sense for the editors, and if they are happy with how the experience is impacting them as writers.

Associate Editor*

Editors with permanent positions on the board, having been "promoted" past their probationary period. These editors are equivalent in all ways as the contributing editor, having the same duties, responsibilities, and expectations.

*All positions are voluntary


  • Write four articles per year.
  • Topics are assigned by the Executive Editor (suggestions are welcome)
  • Attend Litigation Section editorial board meetings, which are held twice a year:
    • Fall Leadership Meeting
    • Spring Publications Meeting   


Litigation News encourages participation from all aspects of the legal industry, from law students and young attorneys to seasoned trial attorneys and judges. We aim to gain a variety of perspectives on law and litigation.

Submission Guidelines

Send the following to [email protected]:

  1. Résumé or CV
  2. Writing sample  


For additional information or general inquiries, email [email protected].

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