October 17, 2019 Feature

Associates: Here’s How to Make Me Happy

We are all cogs in a machine; here’s how to keep it running smoothly.

Eliot Turner

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Go ahead, make my day. No, really. Make my day. Make me happy. Joyous, ecstatic, giddy, delighted. Like a clam. It’s the one thing I ask.

Difficult? Not really, although perhaps it seems so. Lawyers are notoriously unhappy. We complain. We lash out. We criticize. When we’re busy; when we’re not. When we lose; sometimes even when we don’t.

Complaining, after all, is a cornerstone of the profession. People come to us to complain. Then we complain, for them, to others, about others. Indeed, we start a lawsuit by filing a complaint. And if we don’t do a good job of it, other people complain about us.

With so much to complain about, how could anyone be happy? I say don’t be such a cynic. See, yet another complaint. No one wants to be unhappy, at least I don’t.

So make me happy. How can you do it? What’s the secret to happiness—that is, what’s the secret to making me happy? I’ll tell you.

It’s not schadenfreude. No, it’s this: Make my life easier. That’s all. Help me—truly help me—and you will make me happy.

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