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Global Litigator: Asia’s Data Transfer Landscape—As Diverse as Its Cultures

In recent years, multinational corporations (MNCs) have increasingly faced government investigations stemming from their Asian operations, including investigations relating to corruption, money laundering, and sanctions. In 2016, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for almost one-third of the total fines and penalties the U.S. Department of Justice assessed in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement actions. At the same time, many Asian jurisdictions have established and are enforcing data protection regimes governing the transfer of data outside their jurisdiction. Running afoul of these rules can have serious consequences. As a result, MNCs routinely must navigate local data protection laws in attempts to comply with U.S. requests for information

Litigation & Trials

Sidebar: Adapt to Your Audience

In college, I worked weekends as a copy boy for the New York Times. After a night of too many cold Budweisers and other stimulants, I’d sleep a few hours, then hop the subway to sleazy Times Square where I’d do menial chores for the guys who wrote the editorials that shaped world opinion. The Times, with its two distinct cultures, was an alien yet familiar place. I had never met people like the editors with their Manhattan world of education, wealth, and influence, whose offices were adorned with autographed photos of presidents and prime ministers, or with a framed letter from President Kennedy signed, simply, “Jack.” The union guys, however, who printed and delivered the paper, were my neighbors—ethnic working stiffs whose only connection to “the city” was their place of employment.