June 01, 2017

Opening Statement: Ten Tips for Making Motions Better

Laurence F. Pulgram

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Like it or not, every litigator knows that vastly more cases are resolved through motion practice than through trials. It’s our reality.

With this in mind, the Section of Litigation set out to share the wisdom of many on how to make motion practice work better. For the second consecutive year, we’ve taken a national “Roadshow” to more than a dozen cities, focusing on an aspect of improving pretrial practice.

This year, Roadshow 2.0 addressed the subject of “Precision Advocacy—Reinventing Motion Practice.” Each session featured as moderator either Hon. Jeremy Fogel, director of the Federal Judicial Center, or Hon. John Bates, chair of the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rules. Each event also assembled prominent local lawyers, judges, and federal magistrates talking about how to make the motion process work better.

Each city provided unique insights and local color. But the sessions also coalesced around 10 (sometimes familiar) themes that I’d like my team to keep top of mind every day.

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