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Spring 2013, Transformation





Legal Lore: Anatomy of an Attempted Army Murder

On November 30, 1972, Staff Sergeant Alan G. Cornett was living in a small outpost near Duc My, Vietnam. A medic assigned to an American Special Forces team, Cornett liked being where the action was, and he had almost completed an unprecedented six and a half years in Vietnam. But on that November day, Alan Cornett was not a happy trooper. After drinking a half case of Budweiser beer and a pint of rum, Cornett walked to the bunker where his superior officer, Lieutenant Colonel Donald F. Bongers, was on duty. Cornett then took an M-26 fragmentation grenade off his web belt, pulled the pin, and threw the grenade into the bunker.

Young Lawyer: Second Chairs Are Coaches, Not Bench Warmers

Second-chairing a deposition doesn’t mean sitting on the sidelines, watching a teammate grab all the glory. Instead, much like a coach training the team for a game, your role as second chair is to make sure everyone is properly prepared for the competition and has everything needed to succeed. Especially when the opponent pulls an unexpected move, the second chair needs to be ready to huddle with the team and outline the next plays on the clipboard.