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Technology, Ethics, and Avoiding Sanctions
By Julia Voss and David Simmons – December 13, 2018
The ethical mandate to be knowledgeable about and use technology.

Technology-Assisted Review Makes Main Street
By Julia Voss and David Simmons – August 30, 2018
Courts find TAR is a reasonable method to review documents.

Document Review in the Digital Age
By Julia Voss and David Simmons – April 30, 2018
Once litigation hits, a new question arises: How are the lawyers going to review it all?

Facial Recognition Technology Hits Privacy Rights Crossroads
By David Simmons – January 11, 2018
While rapidly improving, the law lags behind.


Do You Accept Bitcoin?
By Julia Voss and David Simmons – October 18, 2017
Lawyers, beware of accepting Bitcoin as payment for legal fees.


Legal Implications of Data from Wearable Devices
By Angela Foster – September 15, 2016
Wearable devices, the latest trend in technology, could also represent the next rising challenge in discovery disputes.

Amended Federal Rules Enhances Technology Use
By Angela Foster – July 11, 2016
Now that courts embrace the use of party agreed computer-assisted review methods, litigators should work with their clients and adversaries on ESI preservation and discovery.

Is the Legal Community Ready for Self-Driving Cars?
By Angela Foster – April 15, 2016
Legislatures prepare for the potential impact of self-driving vehicles on the roads, yet, many legal issues remain unsettled

Data Breaches: Who’s Minding Your Data?
By Angela Foster – January 12, 2016
Credit card companies are switching to chip-enabled cards to protect consumers and reduce the costs of fraud.