February 05, 2021 Practice Point

Predictions for the Justice System in 2021

What will our justice system look like in 2021?

By Hon. Mark A. Drummond (Ret.)

In 1957, Popular Mechanics magazine predicted that by the 21st century, roads would be replaced by pneumatic tubes. Our car would just have to make it from our home to the nearest tube. Then there is the Ladies Home Journal article from 1900. The curator of mechanical technology at the Smithsonian predicted there would be no C, X, or Q in our alphabet since they were unnecessary. I think I can get by without the X or the Q for this article, but no C would be problematic.

What should we expect in the coming year?

What should we expect in the coming year?

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Right now, we are trying to predict what our justice system will look like not 50, 25, or even two years out. We are trying to predict what it will look like next month and next year. Here are my predictions.

Access to Justice Will Be a Patchwork

Courts around the country are brainstorming and implementing new avenues for access to justice. Most are using videoconferencing for such things as motions or scheduling. The focus of this article will be restarting trials.

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