July 25, 2018 Mental Health & Wellness

Sharpen Your Skills with Mindfulness

As a lawyer, your mind is your instrument

By Joseph P. Beckman

As a lawyer, your mind is your instrument. The question is, can you learn to be its master instead of its slave?

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Stephen Covey, creator of the “Seven Habits” series, famously espouses the concept of “sharpening the saw.” The analogy describes how a woodsman who doesn’t stop to “sharpen the saw” quickly finds himself facing a difficult task with an unsuitable tool.

Lincoln may have weighed in here as well: “Give me six hours to cut down a tree, I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Did Lincoln know of meditation? Presage Covey?

This second installment of “Seeking Paths to Lawyer Well-Being” discusses the potential value of meditation as the whetstone on which to keep the mind sharp!

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