December 11, 2020 Mental Health & Wellness

Reflections During a Time of Uncertainty

Maintaining mental health was unexceptional—until COVID-19.

By Joseph P. Beckman

The law moves fast, and it doesn’t care about magazine production schedules. Over the years, I’ve written about legal developments that were “yesterday’s news” by the time the article was published. The evolution of litigation practice marches on, and it will change again between the time I write these words and the time you read them.

We must begin by acknowledging that we have zero control.

We must begin by acknowledging that we have zero control.

Credit: TommasoT | Getty Images

This became less of an issue, however, when I started writing about lawyer wellness and mental health. This is because “lawyer mental health” is a more subjective topic. Moreover, and although our knowledge is constantly evolving, the likelihood of the U.S. Supreme Court overruling the “holding” of a particular lawyer wellness article is roughly equivalent to say . . . the accuracy of my predicted number of COVID-19–related deaths in Minnesota during 2020.

So, permit me to amend my “keeping a mental health piece timely is easy” and add “until COVID-19.” By the time this story is published, we hopefully will have returned to “normal,” or at least some semblance of “life before COVID-19.” Who am I kidding? We are more likely to be looking at a “new normal.”

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