January 30, 2019 Mental Health & Wellness

The Advantage of Positivity

Act your way into a new way of thinking

By Joseph P. Beckman

We know from earlier in this series that lawyers, as a group, are “above average” on things like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. We have talked about two major, well-documented ways—meditation and gratitude journals—that can drop our stress and increase our happiness with an investment of just 20 minutes a day in our self-care.

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These changes can literally rewire our brain. The new wiring gives us greater resilience and makes us less likely to spiral downward into depression or substance abuse. This new wiring is important, in part, because our profession and training actually (in a weird way) reward our ability to spot and plan for every possible way something might go wrong, and thus makes us more susceptible to going to a negative place than the average person.

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