June 10, 2019 business of law

Alternate Legal Service Providers: A Booming Market

Once considered niche players in the legal sector, ALSPs now make up a $10 billion market

By Daniel S. Wittenberg

Alternative legal service providers (ALSPs), once considered niche players in the legal sector, now make up a $10 billion market. Greater-than-expected use by law firms and corporations has driven the rapid growth of ALSPs for the past two years, according to the recently released report Alternative Legal Service Providers 2019: Fast Growth, Expanding Use and Increasing Opportunity.

Of the corporations surveyed, 74 percent are now using ALSPs either directly or through outside law firms. Of the large law firms surveyed, 87 percent use ALSPs, and use among firms of all sizes is increasingly prevalent. “The pace of change in the legal industry continues to accelerate, and alternative legal service providers are playing a large role in driving that change,” said report coauthor James W. Jones, of Georgetown University Law Center, in a press release.

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