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Litigation Journal

The flagship publication of the Litigation Section, Litigation journal delivers to members timeless, scholarly articles and practice advice written by some of the nation’s top litigators, judges, and academics.

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Litigation News

Litigation News keeps members current on recent legal trends across the country, focusing on hot topics that include attorney-client privilege, business development, civil procedure, ethics, evidence, and technology. Delivered monthly, be sure to read each issue for legal news that could affect your practice.


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Each of our committees publish articles, practice points, and podcasts on topics of interest to their memberships. With over 35 committees to choose from, join a committee today and have content delivered right to your inbox.

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Book Publishing

The Litigation Section has a robust book publishing program with over 100 titles written by some of the country’s top practitioners and legal scholars. With topics that include, among many, attorney-client privilege, discovery, trial skills, dealing with witnesses, or model jury instructions on various topics, browse our extensive library and invest in yourself and your practice. Section members save 20% on Section-published books.

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