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June 15, 2012

Lawyers' Duties to the Court

Lawyers’ Duties to the Court

  1. We will speak and write civilly and respectfuilly in all communications withthe court.
  2. We will be punctual and prepared for all court appearances so thatall hearings, conferences, and trials may commence on time; if delayed, we willnotify the court and counsel, if possible.
  3. We will be considerate of the timeconstraints and pressures on the court and court staff inherent in their effortsto administer justice.
  4. We will not engage in any conduct that brings disorderor disruption to the courtroom. We will advise our clients and witnesses appearingin court of the proper conduct expected and required there and, to the best ofour ability, prevent our clients and witnesses from creating disorder or disruption.
  5. Wewill not knowingly misrepresent, mischaracterize, misquote, or mis-cite factsor authorities in any oral or written communication to the court.
  6. We will notwrite letters to the court in connection with a pending action, unless invitedor permitted by the court.
  7. Before dates for hearings or trials are set, or ifthat is not feasible, immediately after such date has been set, we will attemptto verify the availability of necessary participants and witnesses so we canpromptly notify the court of any likely problems.
  8. We will act and speak civilly to court marshals, clerks, court reporters, secretaries, and law clerks withan awareness that they, too, are an integral part of the judicial system.