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Litigation Radio

Law Firms In “The Great Resignation,” How The Game Changed

When the COVID-19 pandemic came, the traditionally change-averse legal profession adapted with amazing speed. Work-from-home became the norm, and associates began to see what’s possible and focus on what’s important to them.

More than 30 million Americans changed jobs since last spring. Attorneys were no exception. It’s up to all of us—from younger associates to senior leadership—to accept and adapt to the new normal. Associates will need to understand, and articulate, what’s important to them. And firms will need to listen and adjust.

Attorneys will still need mentorship, face time, and training, but they may also want to continue enjoying a hybrid work relationship. Firms may see increased profitability as commute times turn to billable hours, but they’ll need to develop boundaries to avoid turning work-from-home to work-around-the-clock.

Guests on this episode include a managing partner, Cindy Cheng; Chair of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Josephine “Jo” Bahn; and attorney/recruiter Nathan Peart. They explain how the environment has changed and how it’s up to everyone to embrace clear communication, new expectations, and how to navigate the new normal.

Plus, a Quick Tip from the ABA Litigation Section, featuring Darryl Wilson. In this edition, a discussion on Rule 12(b) motions. What defenses may be asserted? What options are available? And what are the key elements you must address? And, of course, the rare use of Rule 15(a)(1).

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