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Litigation Radio

Next Level Networking for Lawyers, with Jordan Harbinger

As litigators, we’re always looking for tips that will give us the advantage in the courtroom, at our jobs, and in life. The whole law school experience teaches us that being smart and working hard will lead to success. However, this week’s guest firmly believes (and life experience will confirm) that our network is actually the untapped advantage we have in life.

Jordan Harbinger joins this episode to talk about: Why it really is all about networking for long-term success, and the importance of having a “can do” attitude in life. In this episode, Jordan also discusses his career in podcasting, his past as a lawyer, and how lawyers can build meaningful relationships and influence in the legal community.

In this episode:

  • Why it really is all about networking and people skills
  • How to build relationships that brings in business
  • The value of social capital
  • The importance of having a “go for it” attitude in life

Listen now!