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Litigation Radio

How to Effectively Depose a Financial Expert Witness

The opinions of financial experts are critical to many litigation cases. Financial experts can help suggest financial damages, provide testimony on causation, help a jury better understand complex financial matters and much more. The deposition of a financial expert is one of those things that can make or break a case. That’s why it is important to understand how to effectively depose a financial expert, and the best strategies for these depositions. In this week’s episode, we welcome special guests Jim Abrams and David Benkert to discuss the goals, importance and strategies of effective expert witness depositions.

Jim Abrams is an experienced litigator and Business Litigation Partner at Taft Law. Jim represents clients in all aspects of civil litigation with a concentration in commercial matters.

David Benkert is a premiere financial expert and Senior Managing Director at Ankura. For over two decades he has been providing clients solutions to their financial accounting and compliance oversight issues. David led forensic investigations, provided litigation support, expert witness testimony, and post investigation remediation guidance.

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