June 21, 2017

Drop Prevention Activity Resource Page for Committee Volunteers

Top Ways Committees Can Market the Section And Increase Section Membership

View a flyer for reasons to renew membership and keep members engaged.

Quick Guide to Contacting Committee Member Drops

On a monthly basis, Section staff uploads a list of members who have dropped your committee in the past month available on the Leadership Portal. Following the upload of this list, committee co-chairs are encouraged to contact their drops through either a personal phone call or mailed letter using the contact information provided.

The ABA is unable to provide member email addresses through these drop lists because of the ABA’s privacy policy, however, you are able to look individual members up in the ABA Membership Directory if you prefer to contact drops via email. (Note: you must be logged in to access the directory.)

Here is a draft letter for your outreach purposes that can be adapted to your method of contact through mail, phone, or email:





City, State Zip

RE: ABA Section of Litigation ______________ Committee

Dear NAME:

I am a Co-Chair of the __________ Committee.

Recently, it came to my attention that you had been a member of our Committee and, for reasons unknown, have dropped your membership. I would like to know why you chose to do so.

I am interested in ensuring that the Committee is active and of service to its membership and any input you may provide would be most appreciated.

If your having dropped from the Committee was an oversight, please advise and I will see to it that your membership is reinstated. If you were unknowingly dropped and would like to reinstate your membership, you can do so by visiting ambar.org/myABA and updating the My Specialty Group Memberships & Committees portion of your myABA page.

If it is convenient for you to do so, you can jot down a note on a copy of this letter and return it to me in the envelope provided.