April 2014 - Legal Technology

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Section Annual Conference: Inspiration from the Desert  
Congratulations to Section Annual Conference chairs Kelly Kszywienski, Sal J. Rivera, C. Bradley Vynalek, and Jeffrey Willis for an amazing conference with impactful programming and fantastic networking events. Our Section volunteers appreciated the opportunity to interact with all of our attendees, regardless of whether you were a first timer, local participant, or come to our conference year after year. We would also like to thank our Section committees for delivering the outstanding programming and networking opportunities to our Section members. Thank you for the privilege of serving your membership needs and we look forward to seeing you next year.


Public Service: Legal Service Delivery
This project was established in 1996 as a Section initiative focused on developing strong, ongoing local partnerships between firms and legal services programs. It has been an effective part of Section activities, coordinating its annual Intensive Private Bar Fundraising Training Program and overseeing the distribution of the Justice Assistance Grants.


The Section has a great track record of reserve grant funding for programs that developed strong, lasting results—great return on investment. Funds for both the SAC Training and the Justice Assistance Grants are a great way for members of the Litigation Section to be linked to and involved in the programs in the area. Read more about Legal Services Delivery.

Theme of the Month: Legal Technology

Next Month's Theme: Settlements and ADR


The Section has many resources to assist litigators. The theme of this month's email is Legal Technology. Here’s a sampling of materials on Legal Technology.


KEY SUBJECT MATTER on Legal Technology

Google-fy Your Law Practice
By Patrick Soon
An insider's account of the tech giant's unique legal operations. Read More


Leveraging Technology for More Effective Depositions
By Martin T. Tully
Lawyers have been taking depositions seemingly since the dawn of time. Ordinarily, one does not associate the pedestrian but critically important deposition with cutting-edge technology. Read More


Protecting Trade Secrets Stored in the Cloud
By Benjamin J. Bradford, Justin A. Maleson, and Michael T. Werner
As cloud computing has become a ubiquitous part of our personal and professional lives, businesses are rethinking how they store and protect their trade secrets. Read More


Top Five Free Android Apps for Intellectual Property Litigators
By Patrick Soon
Here are five free Android applications that litigators will find useful in the areas of e-discovery, trademarks, and patents. Read More


Improving Your Google Searches with Advanced Queries
By Jason Briody
The white search box the world uses to find information has a few powerful secrets up its sleeve. Read More


How to Take Advantage of Courtroom Technology
By Lance Bachman
Evidence presentation systems can help your case—but first you need to understand how to get permission and then use them. Read More



Changing Lives: Lawyers Fighting for Children
Changing Lives: Lawyers Fighting for Children demonstrates the critical role that attorneys play in changing the life courses of our most at-risk children. Without legal representation, the children profiled in this book likely would have gone down a path that was detrimental to their safety, their well-being, and ultimately their ability to grow into happy and successful adults. The book illustrates the difference that a highly trained and skilled attorney can make in the life of a child in need. Read More



Sound Advice shares the experience and collective wisdom of some of finest legal minds in the world. Easy access to such a vast collection of knowledge will be useful and enjoyable. Sound Advice helps you become a better lawyer. Listen. Learn. Improve. Access our entire Sound Advice library.


Top Ten Tips of Right-Sizing E-Discovery
By Jared Correia
Attorney and author Jarred Correia outlines ways to protect yourself and your practice from the pitfalls of Twitter. (11:43 min)


Social Media Marketing - LinkedIn for Lawyers and Law Firms
By Beverly Macy
Moderator Patrick Soon talks with author Beverly Macy about social media and some tips to best use these new platforms for marketing and career development. (14:46 min)


Discovery Cooperation—A View from the Bench
By Judge Nan Nolan
Listen as Littler Mendelson e-discovery counsel Niloy Ray interviews former federal magistrate Nan Nolan about the ever-changing world of e-discovery and how cooperation between attorneys is more important than ever. (14:04 min)



Practical Advice for a Successful Legal Hold Program

By Syed Ahmad and Corey Lee
Both counsel and the client are responsible for ensuring the proper preservation of ESI.
Read More



May 9, 2014
The Changing Face of Patent Litigation
Boston Bar Association, Boston, MA


May 15, 2014
E-Discovery 2014
11 Times Square, New York, NY


June 5, 2014
Food & Supplements Fourth Annual Workshop
Cargill, Inc., Wayzata, MN


August 7–11, 2014
ABA Annual Meeting
The Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA


November 5–7, 2014
Woman Litigators Conference
The Palmer House Chicago, IL


videoWork Backwards and Argue in Threes – Hon. Mark A. Drummond, Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit of Illinois, Quincy, IL
Judge Mark Drummond has a theory on how an attorney can be most effective when presenting a case.  He believes that the attorneys who've tried a lot of cases and has a lot of experience at trial work backwards and that they work in the structure of three(s).  Explore Judge Drummond’s theory in this video and discover how working backwards and arguing in three(s) can make you a better attorney.
Watch the Video


To view more Trial Advocacy Tips, visit the Section of Litigation YouTube Channel.



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Judicial Views on the Use of Technology at Trial
Presented by the Technology for the Litigator Committee
Thursday, May 22, 2014, at 12:00 p.m. Eastern
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