Law Student Resources

The Section encourages law student members to use our resources to meet other Section members, become more involved in the Section, and learn about your legal practice.

The ABA Section of Litigation is the premier Section for law students interested litigation and trial practice. You can turn to us for opportunities to network, get published, or for tips on the path to developing your law career.

Law Student Webinars

The Section of Litigation co-sponsors a monthly webinar for law students with the ABA Young Lawyers Division, Law Student Division, and Career Center. Check out recent programs below:

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Tips for Law Students and Young Lawyers

The Fight-or-Flight Plight: Staying Calm during Bar Exam Prep
Joshua Jones and Matt McCusker
Learn how to suppress your fight-or-flight response in times of extreme stress – like the bar exam. Matt McCusker, an expert in witness preparation with a background in industrial-organizational psychology, offers essential test-taking and stress-management strategies for bar takers. (12:46 min.)

Tips for Young Lawyers Preparing for Their First Expert Deposition
Matthew Whitley
Matthew Whitley gives some pointers to young lawyers on how to handle opponents' experts and some best practices for managing your own experts. (11:06 min.)

Tips for Young Lawyers
Rohan Hill

Rohan Hill gives 6 valuable tips to help junior lawyers become better at their craft and build successful careers. (05:13 min.)

Practical tips for Success as a Young Lawyer
Donnie Winningham
When you are new, everyone has advice – but often it is not in a useful form.  If you are a young lawyer, take a few minutes to hear Donnie Winningham as he breaks down practical tips into four categories that all trial lawyers are sure to understand. (06:58 min.)

A Resume Investment
Ronald L. Marmer 
Take a look at how you can develop your resume in four years’ time. Take advantage of publishing and subcommittee leadership opportunities through associations. (02:21 min.)

Law Students: How to be a Professional from Day One
Rachel Dawson
An experienced law school career counselor gives her savvy advice on how to establish your professional demeanor and work ethic from the first moment you set foot into those hallowed law school halls. (11:37 min.)

Strengthen Your Personal Brand Promise 
Carmelite M. Bertaut
A podcast on 5 secrets to rise to superstar status. (17:20 min.)

 Tips for Surviving the Bar Exam
Dale Weppner
Learn strategies on surviving the bar exam and how to deal with the stress. (11:56 min.)

Market Yourself

How to Build Your Online Presence as a New Lawyer
Mastering your online presence today can build your profile and help your legal career.

Build Your Brand: Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd

With law firms doing limited recruiting, and even less hiring, it’s important to build your own personal brand and your “unique selling proposition.”
Tips for Marketing Today for Tomorrow’s Success

It’s never too soon to start marketing yourself and the third year of law school provides plenty of opportunities to do just that.

The Interview: Tips & Tricks

Tips for On-Campus Interviews: How to Stand Out from the Crowd
You want to stand out from the crowd, and providing specific examples of qualities you want to emphasize makes you memorable and believable.

Top Five Tips for a First-Year Law Student Interview

Your first interviews during and after the 1L year can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, but following these tips will help keep stress low while presenting yourself as a competent, well-researched candidate.
Interview Tips for Second-Year Law Students

The more of these aspects of the process you can master, the greater your chances of securing an offer will be.

Becoming a Superstar Associate

Stardate 1L: Evolution of a Superstar Associate
Use your 1L year to begin to develop the habits of the outstanding associate.

Rising to Super Associate Stardom by Maximizing Mentoring Relationships
Demonstrate skills like the ability to generate business, leadership skills, and anticipation of issues before they arise.

Nine Tips for Becoming a Superstar Associate
Your path to superstar status.  

Pro Bono/Giving Back

Tips for 1Ls to Give Back to the Legal Community
A critical component of the legal profession is giving back to one’s community through pro bono service.

Giving Back Through Pro Bono Advocacy Is a Win-Win for All Law Students
When you’re a 2L, the world opens up with choices about classes, clinics, externships, and exploring the type of lawyer you wish to become. This exciting year is also pivotal for developing lawyering skills while making a difference in the lives of others through pro bono advocacy.  

Choosing Your Practice Area

Reputation and Relationships: Advice for First-year Law Students
Laying the foundation for a career path of success.

Follow Your Heart and Mind in Choosing Your Litigation Practice Area
Three ways to make the right choice.

Choosing Your Litigation Practice Area for 3Ls
Embark on your job hunt with some foundation for selecting your practice area.

Get Involved in The Section

Judicial Intern Opportunity Program (JIOP)    
The Judicial Intern Opportunity Program is a full-time (32 hours per week), six-week minimum, summer internship program open to all first- or second-year diverse law students. JIOP provides opportunities to students who are members of racial and ethnic groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the profession and also provides opportunities to students with disabilities, students who are economically disadvantaged, and students who identify themselves as LGBT.

Diverse Leaders Academy       
The Diverse Leaders Academy (DLA) provides opportunities for lawyers in underrepresented groups to participate in leadership roles within the Section of Litigation. DLA develops talented, diverse Section leaders to create an important pipeline of future leaders.

Young Advocates Committee  
The Young Advocates Committee (YAC) serves as a resource for young litigators in their respective practices and within the Section of Litigation. Find opportunities to write, network, or lead.